Mīm Gives Funny People a Place to Flourish With Launch of Mobile App.

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BOSTON, April 2, 2018 (Newswire.com) - ​Mīm (“pronounced Mime”), the social app for creating and sharing funny video content, has announced today the release of their mobile app for all iOS platforms.

Dubbed “the gathering place for funny people,” Mim gives users the ability showcase their humor in a completely unique way by creating, customizing and sharing six-second videos. The concept for the app came from a lack of personalization. “I found it annoying to search through random GIFs depicting people I didn't know in order to express my own emotions,” explained Founder, Anthony Cuomo. The first version of the app started as an iMessage extension to quickly create personalized GIFs in a text. "We learned quickly that creating your own GIFs in group messages was hilarious, but limited customization, so we pivoted into a more native experience.  “We wanted to create a community for funny people, and to give them the opportunity to be both content creators and to become the subject of a meme or GIF themselves.” 

This concept of group participation around a funny topic is a key feature of the application. Mīm holds weekly themed contests that challenge users to create their funniest content. At the beginning of every contest, a topic, prize and deadline are revealed, and with one tap users are able to submit their own videos. An upvote and downvote system determines how a winner is selected. At the end of the week, the user with the most upvotes takes home a prize and exclusive rights to be the app's featured profile for the following week. Winners who place in the top 10 will also receive "verified funny" status on the app. Through this model, Mīm aims to give talented individuals a new platform for recognition.

The first contest goes live tomorrow, April 3rd - the topic has yet to be revealed, but Mīm has confirmed that the winner will receive a $500 cash prize.


Mīm is a video creation app, and challenges users to be original and unique with their content (read: doggy face filters and stickers didn't make the cut). Users can also explore content by searching through trending moods and following other users to control what content appears in their feed.

Mīm offers a sleek user interface with a unique and engaging experience. The design of the app is bold yet playful, featuring bright colors and accents. 

Mīm Features: 

Competition: Every week, Mīm holds a friendly competition for the funniest content based on a given topic. Not only can users win prizes, but the winner will be promoted as the featured profile of the week, allowing them to showcase their gallery of content. Winners of the contest will also receive a verified status on the app - a true badge of comedic achievement.  

Audio overlay: Mīm puts a unique twist on content creation by allowing sound to be added after a video is captured. Users can browse through a selection of sounds, or record their own to sync up perfectly with a video. 

Perfectly timed captions: adding text at just the right moment can make for hilarious content. Mīm allows users to to add personalized captions to appear at the time of their choosing.

About Mīm

Mīm is the gathering place for funny people that allows users to showcase their own unique personalities and humor in a new way. It is not about where you're traveling or what you're eating. In fact, it's been proven that popularity-driven social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat are actually harmful for mental health. Mīm aims provides users with a fun, positive, healthy experience by encouraging humor and self expression - not physical appearance or social status. Mīm was founded in 2017 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. To learn more about  Mīm, download the app here.